do it once... never again (playedoutrecord) wrote,
do it once... never again


Haley loves sitting outside and playing on the blanket. Though she pulls at the grass. Her hat keeps the sun out of her face and shes slippery with sunscreen. lol im not taking any chances! its nice not to worry about socks and dressing her warm. this is the last weekend of bike week so im gonna try to make my way down there soon. i want to hit up the flea market too. i have to do that this weekend because they arent open during the week.
maybe monday head up to st augustine. there are some things i wanna pick up. i love it there. haley will love it to. so much to look at.

she was sooooo good on the plane. she was flirting with the air traffic control man out the window. so he laughed and waved back. then of course she smiles and plays with everyone sitting around us! everyone just said how big and beautiful her eyes are.

write more later. i wanna get outside!
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awww. how cute she is sitting outside all slippery! haha. i cant wait for summer here. i wish i was in florida with you. i love st. augustine. mike loved it too when we went there. i love all the little stores. im craving a flea market! i love cheap shit. i love buying phone covers from there! hahahah :) tell your grandparents i said hello and kisses to you and haley bug! ... btw, how are you feeling?
im feeling great. well, normal to a certain extent i suppose. of course i wish you were all here with us. its nice and relaxing. something we are/were both ready and deserving for! ill talk to you probably tomorrow!
Awe, I can see her now...eating all the grass. LOL, I'm sure you'll post some summery pictures. I wanna see.
yeah thats about it... eating the grass... lol

ill post pictures soon!
oh goodie. Chris says Hello.